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Marlin Marquees offer the support you need to ensure the entire event works! Generators, distribution boards, electric cabling and power points to link all the lighting and for DJ's, bands, catering, bars etc.

With caterers, band or DJ, marquee lighting and all the extras, most domestic power supplies will not be able to cope with the requirements. Marlin Marquees offer a generator, back up generator, cable and distribution package to ensure that all your time and thoughtful planning is not interrupted by inadequate power supply.


The back up will give you peace of mind as, in the unlikely event of a generator failure, a spare one will be there ready and waiting, and the power can just be transferred across.

The power package is also there for when you have no other option,

If you decide to use your own power, Marlin Marquees will give you their power requirements, and strongly suggest that you talk with an electrician to see if your domestic power is adequate.

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