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There are many benefits to hiring a marquee for your special occasion; most notably the flexibility in size, and the range of venues and settings. Marquees can be used on their own or to expand a venue’s capacity.

The two most popular styles of marquee are the traditional marquee, and the clearspan. Both styles offer something different, and we explain the differences below:

Marlin Marquees at Holywell Estate.jpg



Unlike the traditional marquee, this is an A Frame, self-supporting structure, so does not have centre poles or guy ropes, making it very versatile, especially if space is restricted. 

Marlin Marquees Traditional Marquee - 24



There is something very quintessentially English about a traditional marquee. These have internal centre poles and guy ropes around the edges.

Marlin Marquees Pagodas and Chinese Hats


Pagodas are also known as Chinese Hats. They can be used on their own, as a walkway, reception or cloak room area for your main marquee.

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