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Below gives you an idea of the size and style of tables available to hire from Marin Marquees. Also available are cake tables and gift tables. 

Tables are able to be set up in various configurations, and with the use of CAD (computer aided design), the friendly staff at Marlin Marquees will be able to show you the best layout for your table of choice and the number of guests.

As always, if you do not see the style of table below that you wish to use, be sure to get in contact with the Marlin Marquee team and they will be able to assist you in sourcing the table and furniture style that you desire.

Be sure to check out the chair selection.


6ft Round 


A 6ft Round seats 10 guests comfortably and can accommodate up to 12. 

5ft Round 


5ft Round is that little bit smaller, and ideal if you have small, more intimate events. They comfortably seat 8 guests, but can accommodate up to 10.

6ft x 2'6"

Trestle Tables

6ft x 2'6" (6'x 2.5') Trestles can be joined together to create long banqueting style arrangements. We do not recommend seating a person at each end; if you wish to do so, we would suggest using the 6ft x 3ft size.

They can also be joined together to create a traditional top table.

3ft Trestles

6ft x 3ft

Trestle Tables

The 6ft x 3ft Trestle table is just that bit wider to allow guests to be seated at each end.

With them being slightly wider, they are also recommended if you are having sharing platters or large centrepieces .

Poseur Tables

Great for using in reception areas; can be combined with bar stools.

Barrel Tables

A rustic alternative to the aluminium poseur tables, great with the barrel bar or cladded round bar.



Marlin Marquees has a range of tables that can be used for Cake, Gift, Tea and Coffee Stations and Buffet Tables including:

4ft Rounds


Trestle Tables

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