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Dance the Night Away!

When the formalities have been completed, it's time to let your hair down and dance the night away. With the use of a dividing curtain, you can keep the dance floor area a completely separate space, which can create a completely different feel to the rest of the marquee.

It's not just the dance floor and staging that Marlin Marquees can supply; lighting plays a very important part in the dancing space, with starlight lining being a very popular option.

Marlin Marquees will likely to be providing your Band or DJ with power, so make sure your check in with them before the build to confirm their requirements. Some artists also require a Green room, or somewhere to get changed before they begin entertaining your guests.

Dance Floor and Stage Hire is available on its own; ideal if you have a venue already. All come in various sizes, just let Marlin Marquees know how many guests and the size of space available and they will recommend the best size for you.



Dance Floor

You can not go wrong with a parquet dance floor.


The parquet dance floor is interlocking, so can be used in a range of sizes to suit the number of guests and can be configured into L and U shapes.

Black & White

Dance Floor

Want to create more of a night club feel? The black and white dance floor is the ideal option for doing this.

If you think it is a bit too much for your wedding, why not put a dividing curtain between the traditional dining area to then reveal the more colourful dance area


Dance Floor

The white dance floor is another great alternative to the parquet one.

Available in a range of sizes to accommodate your guests.

Disco Ball

Is a dance floor really complete without a disco ball??


Most bands require a stage, which can be a range of sizes.

Also available on legs to give it a bit more height.


Lighting plays a major part in creating the right atmosphere on the dance floor. Here are just a few options to consider:

- Colour Change Uplights

- Pea (fairy) Lights over dance floor

- Starlight Lining

Head over to the Lighting Page for a more comprehensive list of lighting.

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