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Effective lighting plays an integral part to creating the perfect atmosphere for your event, be it a chill out area, traditional lighting for your wedding breakfast, or to highlight the beautiful scenery and buildings surrounding the marquee. Marlin Marquees has an extensive range of lighting and, with their wealth of experience, they can discuss with you not only how to create that perfect atmosphere, but also what you will need to ensure that your guests can see their way home after the sun sets.



A range of chandeliers are available, mainly used over the dining area, these are normally the main source of light.


Chandeliers can be on dimmers.

Up Lights

Uplights are usually arranged along the wall of the marquee; usually every 6m. As darkness sets in, they will subtly light up your marquee.

Marlin Marquees can add a bit of colour with gels, with every colour of the rainbow, and all the colours in between, they can be added just for the evening to change the atmosphere for the party time. 

Pea Lights

Fairy lights, also known as pea lights, look lovely following the contour of the linings.

Available in white and warm, the pea lights can be used over the dance floor area or even outside.

Festoon Lights

Festoon Lights are great for using along paths and walkways.

Also a great addition for traditional marquees.

They can be used with tall or short shepherd's crooks or hung between the marquee and other elements such as trees in your garden.

Want to create an outdoor chill out area? Use tall shepherd's crooks to create an arena around the outdoor setting.

Pin Spots

Pin spotlights send a beam of light down from the trusses, this can be to each table, or to showcase features in your marquee.

Outside Lighting

Marlin Marquees can offer a whole range of lighting which can be used outside:

- Outside Sodium Lights

- Festoon Lights

- Pea Lights

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