Marquee or Hotel? Why hiring a marquee for your wedding is a decision you won’t regret…

Congratulations! The engagement ring has been bought…the date has been set… these are the first steps you have taken towards changing the rest of your life. Now, the next most important thing is creating a day you will never forget.

One of the biggest questions a newly engaged couple face is do we hold the wedding reception in a marquee or a hotel? It is fair to say that when planning a wedding one of the biggest decisions and most often the first is… the choice of venue. You feel pressured to make the right choice ahead of time…but can there really ever be the perfect venue?

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The time of year, location, budget and having enough room for the amount of guests you want to invite are just some of the things that play an important factor. From sophisticated hotels to a small village hall the choices seem never-ending and it will no doubt send your head spinning.

One big thing to remember, however, is you can’t move a hotel venue, you can’t change the interior or the surroundings and you certainly can’t change the size.
When it comes to choosing a marquee for your special day you are guaranteed to have the flexibility in terms of design, size, lighting, amount of guests and more importantly the LOCATION! From a small intimate family wedding in your own back garden to a marquee within a beautiful backdrop of a stunning stately home or open fields the options are limitless.

At Marlin Marquees, we have years of expertise to offer you to help take the stress of organising the big day. Our range of different size wedding hire marquees, lighting range, heating and other equipment means we have everything on hand to help build that dream venue for you and an everlasting memory.

Here is our handy checklist of everything you need to consider when choosing your wedding marquee:

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Design and size

here are many benefits to hiring a wedding marquee-most notably the flexibility in size. Larger Clear Span marquees can be used on their own or can work effectively alongside smaller pagoda style marquees to add a room for a bar, dance floor or perhaps to separate catering staff from wedding guests. Wedding marquees also offer a ‘blank canvas’ when it comes to interior design and we have worked with many different design concepts over the last few years. We can easily add style and character to the marquees and work with any ideas you might have. Our range of carpets, flooring and stylish furniture will also help add to the overall design of the marquee as well as being functional when it comes to creating a dance floor etc.

Heating and ventilation:

Although most weddings take place in the summer, winter weddings are popular too. Whether it is to keep the winter weather away or to take the edge off a summer evening chill it is good to be prepared for any eventuality and heating is an important part of that. Wedding hire marquees are very adaptable to different weather conditions. Heavy duty marquees are more suited to winter events and can stand up to wind and heavy rain while both the Clear Span and Pagoda marquees have walls that can be detached and pulled back to enhance air flow.

Lighting and electricity:

Effective lighting can help enhance any marquee design. We have an extensive range of lighting including impressive looking chandeliers and spot lighting that will go a long way towards creating that perfect wedding atmosphere. We will provide all the power to make it happen and in a way that is discrete and in a professional manner.

And………don’t forget the loos!!!

Wedding guests need luxury loos to match a stylish event and we can offer that too. In fact, when it comes to wedding hire marquees we hope we have pretty much thought of everything…..and if we haven’t we will do our best to provide whatever you want, how you want it…it’s all part of the service.

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