Marquee Lighting

The lighting will help to create a wonderful atmosphere inside your marquee;

Effective lighting plays an integral part to creating the perfect atmosphere for your event, be that a chill out area, traditional lighting for your wedding breakfast or to highlight the beautiful scenery and buildings you have surrounding the marquee. Marlin Marquees have an extensive range of lighting and with their wealth of experience they can run through not only what works to create that perfect atmosphere, but also what you will need to ensure that your guests can see their way home after the sunsets.

Lighting options include:

Pea Strip Lighting (Fairy Lights)
Festoon Lighting, great for walkways
Uplights, including gel overlays in a range of different colours, uplights work well both inside and outside the marquee
Traditional Chandeliers
Starlight Lining, a beautiful feature for over your dance floor, who wouldn’t want to dance the night away under the stars
Many more options are available, please get in contact with Marlin Marquees to discuss further