Handy host of marquee tips and design ideas

Here at Marlin Marquees, we are no strangers to the fact that wedding planning is tough! It is inevitable that in the lead up to your big day you will be swamped with to-do lists, Post-it notes and an endless list of phone numbers, contact details and dates!

Arranging your perfect day takes endless amounts of precision planning, energy and hard work. There is so much to consider and rest assured, it may not seem like it but you will eventually tick off your to-do list and create your perfect day.

We have put together this handy host of marquee tips and design ideas guide to help you remember those important details when it comes to choosing your wedding marquee.

Decorated marquee for hire for a Wiltshire wedding

It is not only the choice of marquee that is vitally important, but the design and layout of what goes inside it, too. These are all things which need to be considered throughout your wedding planning.

Be prepared for the weather

Covering all eventualities is something you’ll be going over constantly during your wedding planning, within this category falls our delightful and unpredictable British weather!

Ensure you choose the right options when it comes to selecting your marquee and be sure to take into account how well your selection can withstand the wind and rain.

It’s crucial that you select a heavy duty marquee which can withstand windy weather conditions. If you do encounter heavy or torrential rain on the day, it is good to know in advance that you may need to occasionally empty the gutters if your marquee does require this, as not all do (another job for the ushers!) This is something you may wish to discuss before you select your wedding marquee.

Think about temperature and ventilation

Everyone wishes for a warm and sunny wedding day, but have you considered how easily the sides of your marquee can open to keep your guests comfortable and cool?

The in and out flow of your wedding reception is really important and the walls of both our Clear Span and Pagoda structures all work similarly to a normal pair of household curtains. They can easily be fixed back and tied open, allowing your guests to remain at a pleasant and comfortable temperature throughout your celebration.

We talk you through how to easily open up your marquee to create an airy and open-plan space for your guests. Completely user friendly, your ushers may have another job to add to their mental list!

Sadly, we can’t help the weather but we promise to cope as best we can and it is important that you are just as prepared.


Consider keeping your wedding guests comfortable with heating throughout your wedding marquee.

Even the early summer months can still see chilly evenings, so it is important to consider your heating options, even if it is just for a couple of hours to ensure your guests are comfortable and their feet don’t get too cold.

We love talking about favours, flowers and finishing touches and we are all too aware of how these little details are important, however, the last thing you want is for guests to start drifting away early from your special day because they are too cold, so considering your heating options is crucially important.


More and more of our clients are becoming aware of the benefits and effects that different lighting types can achieve within their marquee space and what atmosphere these can create.

Our attractive range of chandeliers can create a bright light which is similar to your lighting at home.

For those wanting to achieve more of an atmospheric and subtle effect, our range of pin spot lighting is used to accent particular areas of your marquee, usually table centre pieces, flowers and table details. This type of directional lighting creates a bright spotlight to accent a certain detail and then dims to create a relaxing, hazy light to create a more atmospheric feel.

Wedding marquee hire in Hampshire

Whether it is chandelier lighting or pin spot lighting, most marquees will still use uplighting around the marquee edge which creates an attractive glow for the evening.

Your lighting choice will have a definite knock-on effect to the overall atmosphere of your wedding party and is something you should consider in detail before making a final decision.


It may seem like a rather dull topic, especially when you’re used to discussing flowers, dresses, suits and cars, but power is of paramount importance to the smooth running of your special day.

You may have spent hours searching for the perfect cuisine, DJ, band, lighting and loos, but sadly this is all irrelevant without having adequate power, as nothing can physically happen without it.

You really dont want to be dicing with the fact that you don’t have enough power and although it may seem like an irrelevant addition to your costly wedding bill, it could potentially make or break your special day.

It is also important to note that rigging up your electrics does take time. We take time to hide cabling up high under the lining, as well as low under your flooring or carpets

Be sure to balance where you need to cut costs and where you do not want to skimp.

Select your marquee style carefully

When your searching for your perfect marquee, it is important to consider the size of reception you intend to hold, as well as knowing both the benefits and limitations of different marquee sizes and styles.

It is important to note that while pagoda marquees are lovely for a small-scale celebration, they are generally better suited to accompany the larger Clear Span marquees. Our largest 6 x 6 size pagoda styles are generally too small for a wedding reception but are perfectly suitable to add some charm and character to an existing Clear Span.

Bespoke Ha Ha bridge within marquee hire Wiltshire

The possibilities are endless for a pagoda and they have been used by many of our past clients to achieve a host of different areas.

From an entrance area, chill out area or bar, to a dance area, the pagoda marquees add an extra touch to your existing structure and look really stylish against the Clear Span marquees.


Thought about the fact that half of your guest list are likely to be wearing heels on the big day? In this case we advise that you consider your various flooring options.

Wooden flooring is not only essential when it comes to setting up your marquee in a field, but can really give it a stylish, ‘icing on the cake’ finish.

Many clients forget about the wide range of various carpet options Marlin Marquees can offer.

We do recommend darker colours, however, we offer all the colours you could possibly imagine, including bright pink!

Our range of quality fine cord carpets give you the chance to go as extreme or as neutral as you like with your colour scheme. These high-quality and fully bespoke options allow you to tie-in your choice with your colour theme or the look and style of the marquee you are wanting to achieve.


Our carpet choices are durable and thin, making them easier to fit and without irritating curled-up edges. Many companies opt for a type of matting which is more difficult to clean and is a potential trip hazard due to it not nailing down as effectively.

Its possible to put a marquee on most sites, but some will be trickier than others. If you are using a hard-standing you will need a wooden floor (to avoid puddles in your marquee), where you have grass you can have a wooden floor but you dont need to. The more level the surface the better. If you dont have the space for a marquee you could contact a local land owner or use a facility that will hire their services.

Giving your marquee a homely feel

This is where our extensive range of event equipment comes into play.

We are more than happy to source any equipment you may require, if we dont stock it then we can usually find it. Its rather a minefield of event equipment companies with so many options out there if you have found something you like we can follow it up for you or are very happy to work alongside another company coordinating delivery/collection times to ensure your event all works well for you.

We have dealt with numerous requests in the past, which includes Moroccan low-lying furniture pieces, to traditional tables and chairs.

Bespoke furniture from Marlin Marquees in Hampshire

Our marquees give you the chance to be completely creative and create something with a real ‘wow’ factor Whether it is fairy lights, bird cages, paper lanterns or string hearts, these can all be placed hanging in the roof space and can add a real dramatic feel to the look of your marquee.